J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location

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J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location
J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location
J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location
J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location
J7 Global Mall Islamabad Payment Plan Developer Noc Location


J7 Global Mal Islamabad - Your Ultimate Destination for a Superior Living Experience

If you are searching for a new mixed-use commercial and residential project, look no further than J7 Global Mal Islamabad. Here, you can enjoy a premier hotel service, the glamour of a shopping mall, and superior living accommodations that exceed your expectations.

At J7 Global Mal, the focus is on creating an innovative design that is both comfortable and efficient. The project is structured to set a new standard and reform the acceptable state. With the clients' convenience in mind, the developers strive to provide modern design, exceptional living spaces, and high-end technology.

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial space, J7 Global Mal has you covered. With a wide selection of options available, you can choose the living or work environment that best suits your needs. The latest project is a testament to the developers' continued efforts to provide their clients with greater convenience and better living standards.

In summary, J7 Global Mal Islamabad offers the perfect blend of residential and commercial space with a touch of luxury. Experience the convenience and comfort of modern living at its finest. Visit J7 Global Mal today and take the first step towards your dream lifestyle.


Meet Mr. Aleem Malik, Owner & CEO of J7 Global Mal Islamabad, the latest addition to J7 Group's premium real estate development projects. J7 Group is renowned for its state-of-the-art shopping malls and high-class commercial buildings in twin cities.

J7 Group is committed to incorporating traditions with innovations, creating unique artistic images and functional solutions for their projects. The client is the soul of the project, and the developers' main goal is to illustrate their values and individuality through design.

J7 Group is currently working on several exciting projects, including the Signature Hotel Islamabad and Signature Hotel Murree, offering top-notch hospitality services to their guests. The J7 Emporium Mall Islamabad and J7 One Mall are also underway, providing a diverse range of shopping options to the local community.

J7 Group's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in all their projects. Their team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional quality and meeting clients' needs and preferences. Experience the best of premium real estate development with J7 Group.


J7 Global Mal is conveniently located in Mumtaz City Islamabad, just a 5-minute drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. The mall is easily accessible via various transportation modes and routes.

The project is located 4 km from the CPEC Route and the New Islamabad Airport, making it easily accessible for visitors and locals alike. The city of Fatah Jang is located just 21 km away, while Rawalpindi city is 34 km away. The mall is also located 38 km from zero point Islamabad.

Whether you are traveling by car, bus, or taxi, J7 Global Mal's central location makes it a convenient and accessible destination for all. Visit J7 Global Mal today and experience the best of shopping, living, and entertainment in Islamabad.

Payment Plan

Investors looking for affordable and budget-friendly options will be pleased to know that J7 Global Mal Islamabad offers a highly affordable payment plan. The project offers both flats and shops for sale, catering to a diverse range of customers and their needs.

The apartments and shops are available at attractive prices, with flexible payment plans designed to suit various budgets. The following are the details of the payment plan:

  • The apartments are available in various sizes, ranging from 1 bed to 3 beds. The prices start from PKR 25 lakh for a 1-bed apartment, PKR 40 lakh for a 2-bed apartment, and PKR 60 lakh for a 3-bed apartment.

  • The shops are also available in different sizes, with prices starting from PKR 30 lakh for a 150 sq. ft. shop.

J7 Global Mal's affordable payment plan is designed to make it easier for investors to invest in their dream property without breaking the bank. Contact J7 Global Mal Islamabad today and take the first step towards your dream lifestyle.

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