Maryam Town Lahore Payment Plan NOC Developer Balloting Development Updates

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Maryam Town Lahore Payment Plan NOC Developer Balloting Development Updates


Maryam Town Lahore, an LDA-approved housing society situated on Raiwind Road, offers a top-class living experience that combines luxury, comfort, and affordability. This remarkable project aims to cater to the needs of the Lahore residents, providing attractive plot deals within a vibrant and thriving investment environment.

Discover a place where luxury meets affordability at Maryam Town. The society offers a range of plot options, allowing individuals to choose according to their preferences and budget. Whether you seek a comfortable home or a lucrative investment opportunity, Maryam Town has something for everyone.

Embrace the vibrant lifestyle and enjoy the flourishing investment prospects that Maryam Town Lahore has to offer. With its LDA approval and prime location on Raiwind Road, this housing society provides a secure and promising environment for residents and investors alike. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and affordability at Maryam Town Lahore.


Previously under the development of Q-Links Developer, Maryam Town Lahore has now been taken over by Al-Kabir Developer, adding to the esteemed chain of Al-Kabir Housing Societies in Lahore. This transition brings with it the expertise and track record of Al-Kabir Developer, known for its successful delivery of various projects.

Al-Kabir Developer has already accomplished the development and delivery of the following projects:

  1. Al-Kabir Town Lahore Phase 1-2: This development has been completed and offers a thriving residential community in Lahore.

  2. Kings Town Lahore Phase 1-2: This is an ongoing project by Al-Kabir Developer, currently under development, and aims to provide an exceptional living experience in Lahore.

With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, Al-Kabir Developer brings its expertise and commitment to excellence to the development of Maryam Town Lahore. Expect a well-planned and high-quality residential community as a result of this collaboration.


Maryam Town has already received approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Being an LDA-approved housing society adds credibility to the project and ensures that it meets the necessary standards and regulations set by the authority. This approval further strengthens the trust and confidence of potential residents and investors in Maryam Town. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with investing in an LDA-approved project like Maryam Town, knowing that it has met the necessary requirements for development and compliance.


Maryam Town is conveniently situated on Main Raiwind Road, offering excellent accessibility to residents and commuters. The strategic location of Maryam Town allows for easy connectivity through multiple routes, including Multan Road, Ring Road Lahore, and Canal Road.

Here are some key distance measurements:

  • Located just 4 km away from Thokar Niaz Baig, a major intersection in Lahore, ensuring convenient access to different parts of the city.
  • Merely 1 km away from Kings Town Phase 1-2, offering close proximity to this neighboring residential development.
  • Maryam Town is also in the vicinity of prominent societies like Bahria Orchard Lahore and Kings Town Lahore, providing residents with access to nearby amenities and facilities.

The prime location of Maryam Town on Main Raiwind Road, along with its easy accessibility from various routes and proximity to other well-known societies, enhances its appeal and convenience for residents. Experience the advantages of this well-connected location and enjoy the convenience of reaching important destinations within Lahore with ease.

Payment Plan 

Maryam Town Lahore has recently launched new residential deals, offering on-ground plots in sizes of 3 Marla and 5 Marla. These plots are available on an easy installment plan, providing convenience for buyers.

Here is the detailed price plan:

  1. 3 Marla Residential Plots:

    • Booking: 30% of the total plot price
    • Remaining Amount: Payable in easy installments over a period of 3 years
  2. 5 Marla Residential Plots:

    • Booking: 30% of the total plot price
    • Remaining Amount: Payable in flexible installments spread over 3 years

With these attractive payment options, prospective buyers can secure their desired plot size in Maryam Town Lahore while benefiting from a convenient and affordable payment schedule. Take advantage of this opportunity to own a residential plot in a well-planned and LDA-approved society like Maryam Town Lahore.

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