New Metro City Development Charges Gujjar Khan

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New Metro City Development Charges Gujjar Khan

New Metro City Gujjar Khan, a burgeoning development venture spearheaded by BSM Developers, is making strides in Gujjar Khan with its diverse array of residential and commercial plots. Recently divulged, the development charges for these plots have sparked concerns among investors due to their perceived high values. Stakeholders are urging developers to reassess these charges.

In response to the burgeoning apprehensions, BSM Developers assert their unwavering commitment to delivering a top-notch product. They argue that the development charges are imperative to cover the extensive costs associated with the project's progress. Despite this assurance, some investors remain skeptical, persisting in expressing their reservations about the seemingly steep charges.

Outlined below are the development charges for the plots at New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

  • 3 lac per marla for 5 marla plots
  • 2.5 lac per marla for 7 marla plots
  • 2.95 lac per marla for 8 marla plots
  • 2.75 lac per marla for 10 marla plots

The payment plan for the plots is structured as follows:

  • 25% initial down payment
  • Remaining 75% disbursed in 24 equal installments

It is essential to note that these development charges are supplementary to the plot's purchase price. They encompass various aspects of infrastructure development, including roads, electricity, and water supply. Developers remain resolute in their commitment to ensuring the timely completion of the project, asserting that the elevated development charges are justified by the anticipated product quality.

Despite this stance, certain investors harbor concerns that the high development charges may render it challenging for potential buyers to afford plots at New Metro City Gujjar Khan. Their plea to developers includes reconsidering the charges or introducing a more adaptable payment plan. While developers express openness to dialogue on the matter, no adjustments to the development charges have been made thus far.

As the project is still in its early phases, the long-term impact of these charges on New Metro City Gujjar Khan's sales remains uncertain. However, the valid concerns raised by investors underscore the necessity for developers to address these issues promptly to ensure the project's success.

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